Spiritually and physically fit by twenty-two.

So why the quarter-life crisis at twenty-one? Haha, that’s triggering. I hope none of this is not coming off as a quarter-life crisis. But maybe it is and I’m swimming in a pool of self-denial…I sure hope not.

If there’s anything this pandemic has taught me it’s the ability to be flexible. That’s convicting. God knows know how much I struggle with that (and still do) yet I have seen myself become more flexible since the lockdown. Speaking of, I vividly remember celebrating my memorable twenty-first birthday in late March, which actually, was pretty dang fun. It was me, my folks, and my siblings. I tried an array of alcoholic beverages in which I grimaced immediately after each sip and then declared “all alcohol is nasty!” while slamming my fists on the table. Haha, I’m kidding, but it was the only way to describe the unpleasant taste of beer from Safeway. No offense to anyone or any company out there. Feel free to change my mind.

As I talked to a majority of Christians, this pandemic, at least at the beginning, was a nice reset. It slowed things down and allowed my friends to grow in their faith and in their relationship with God. This pandemic taught all of us how little control we actually have and our only outlet was to turn to Jesus and say, “Alright so turns out I have no control…so with that being said, how can I be a light in this world? How can I grow God’s kingdom?” This inspired many of us to be fully fixated on God as the world seemed to pause. My Christian friends, I love seeing Jesus work in and through you. It’s absolutely beautiful. I cannot speak for them, but the reality is, now I’m a little sick and tired of it. Though the growth was exponential and much needed at first, the prideful part of me is exhausted. I’m “done” growing for now, can we just go back to normal? I’ll be the first to admit that now that this pandemic fits the definition of normal, I’ve resorted back to my old ways: being lazy with Scripture and in my relationship with Jesus. Again, this is me, not my friends in the faith. Maybe you can relate…

Fitness is something that I am also passionate about. When the gyms closed, that changed everything. I did not and still do not have the equipment that I would need to lift heavy. But maybe that’s good, I do not know how my “maxes” have changed and to be honest, I do not know if my ego wants to know. A lot of people worked out maybe a year ago and stopped. I keep hearing about the “Quarantine 15” in which this pandemic has led to unwanted weight gain for many. For me, I kept working out as it was one of the few things that helped with my mental clarity and emotional well-being. My workouts changed significantly as I ended up doing more HIIT and running as well as following YouTube videos. Who would have thought I would get into cardio?

At least diet-wise, for February 2021, I have been slacking. It has gone from one cheat day to six cheat days throughout the week. At some point, I need to be honest with myself and stop identifying it all as “water weight”. Your girl needs some self-control when it comes to my sweet tooth. I am surprised that I do not get sick after nine Oreos, three servings of baked Ruffles, a donut or two, and four slices of garlic bread as a quick late-night snack. Wait, I do get sick. I get really sick, but for whatever reason, I still end up doing that. Why am I like this? Yeah…self-control has always been a problem. Please send prayers haha.

I’m going to be twenty-two (cue Taylor Swift) and as I think about the upcoming months to a year, there’s still going to be a lot of changes. I graduate in June, I get married in August, and who knows what is going to happen in between and after. I’ll probably tell you that I’m even busier than the year before because that just seems to happen to everyone. I don’t even know where in the United States I’ll be living in 365 days after I post this. That’s wild. So with at least some form of normalcy, why not take advantage of it? Why not ignite once was? I want to get in shape spiritually and physically. I want to long for Jesus as I did close to a year ago. Performance-wise, I can do a lot more when I eat well. I feel better when I have more self-control and that comes from discipline. Discipline from a consistent Bible reading schedule, a “good most of the time” diet, and a planned out workout schedule.

I could talk about the breakdown of what all that looks like, but what’s more important than doing some sort of intense “read the bible in 30 days” reading plan or creating a diet with a massive caloric deficit, is creating something sustainable. That’s what’s matters and what will keep you consistent. Do what is wise and that means doing what works for you. That’s why I will not list my weight, measurements, or specific goals here. Feel free to message me though and I can give you those numbers as well. As I said, I enjoy talking about fitness. For some, that means your goal is to run a certain amount of miles or lift a certain amount. For others that could mean ten minutes of walking a day and one less slice of cake before bed. Be realistic with yourself. For some, reading the four gospels throughout the month will be a breeze. For others, reading a select few verses a day makes more sense. The book of Hebrews reading plan that I’m following is closer to that second sentence. Join me, it’s linked below!

My friends, I invite you on this journey. I invite you to get fit spiritually and physically. Especially to my non-Christian friends, all I ask is you give the book of Hebrews a chance for the thirty-ish days. To my friend who has never read the Bible before, maybe you want to start in Ecclesiastes or one of the gospels. Worst-case scenario, I ruin the month of March with one awful book. I would hope that you could forgive me for making one-twelfth of your year miserable. But honestly, there is no harm in at least, at the very least, giving Jesus a try. Listen, I know how society and America have painted Christianity. In fact, I’ve seen how Christians have embarrassingly painted Christianity. I know that Christians can have a bad reputation, but that’s why I ask you to give Jesus a try. Not me, not your Christian friends, definitely not Twitter…but let the Bible speak for itself. Read it with the proper context. Read it from the Maker. That is all I humbly ask. You do not even have to tell me if you decide to do it or not, totally up to you.

Now faith is the assurance (title deed, confirmation) of things hoped for (divinely guaranteed), and the evidence of things not seen [the conviction of their reality—faith comprehends as fact what cannot be experienced by the physical senses].” Hebrews 11:1

There is nothing profound with this post, just a little life-update for you all. I ask for your prayers throughout this journey. We shall see what is to come with the month of March. I will see you in April. Let the journey begin.

Here is the Hebrews reading plan I’ll be following, feel free to join: https://www.bible.com/reading-plans/21692

3 thoughts on “Spiritually and physically fit by twenty-two.

  1. Thanks for the link to the Bible study plan. I’ve tried plans in which we were supposed to read 2 or 3 chapters a day, and always fell behind. A few verses a day is more what I can handle.

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