So It Goes…

Hello! Welcome to the platform I use to update you all every so often, particularly when important things happen in my life.

I guess it goes without saying that something important has happened and I’ve been pretty silent about it for the past month or so, at least I have been on social media.

Let me break down this story for you. Over spring break while everyone was having fun and going on vacation tons of UW pre-engineering students were stuck inside working on engineering department applications for hours on end. To those who are unaware, UW is incredibly competitive when it comes to getting into an engineering major and unfortunately, not everyone gets in. In fact, a handful of intelligent and hard-working students do not get into their major. As a “sophomore”, this was my last chance to apply and if I didn’t get in, I would either have to change majors to stay at UW or switch schools. All being said, it was a stressful time for a handful of (intended) engineering students.

I had one last conversation with Jesus and then decided to submit my applications. I applied with Mechanical Engineering (ME) being my first choice and Industrial & Systems Engineering (ISE) being my second choice.

May came around and so did the decisions. My first choice rejected me, but somehow God’s grace allowed me to get into ISE. I am beyond thankful to know that I have a major if I decide to stay at UW Seattle. There is a lot I don’t know about God and I have no idea why He said “Yes” to me getting to ISE. Honestly, I was pretty close to not even submitting an application to the ISE department. I don’t know why I got in. I don’t know how out of all the students who applied, I was one of the twenty-something students that got into this department. All that being said, I am truly thankful to be in the major.

It’s weird to think about myself as an industrial engineer because I have always seen myself as a mechanical engineer. Over the past few weeks, I’ve been learning more about what it would look like if I pursue ISE. It is not a bad degree at all. I honestly feel like I would do well as an industrial engineer and I see myself really enjoying it.

Now, arguably most good stories end with a solid resolution with no question going unanswered. Here’s the thing, I don’t know where God is leading me. I don’t know if He wants me to stay at UW Seattle to pursue ISE or if I am called to leave UW to pursue ME. I have not yet made a decision. I don’t know what that means for my school or housing situation for next year. I’ve been praying about it for almost a month now and between you and me, I think this is one of those decisions where God is reminding me that I have free will and that I get to choose what I major in. There’s no right or wrong major. As long as I continue to treat Him as Lord of my life and continue to follow Him, that is all I need. It would be much easier if He chose for me, but I have a strong feeling He won’t this time around. With everything, His grace is all I need.

I am sorry to disappoint, but I do not really know what next year is going to look like. There’s not really a good resolution to this story because there is still a lot of uncertainty. I do ask for prayers for wisdom and clarity over this time. Thank you to those who have been praying and thank you to those who will. The journey is crazy, but I am glad that I can document it for both you and me.

Maybe the next time I post, I’ll have a decision. But until then, thank you for your endless love, support, and prayers.

The Lord appeared to him from far away. I have loved you with an everlasting love; therefore I have continued my faithfulness to you

Jeremiah 31:3



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